All-Terrain vehicles (ATV)

What is All-Terrain Vehicle Insurance?

All-Terrain Vehicle Insurance offers All-Terrain Vehicle owners legal and financial protection against bodily injury and property damage caused by an ATV accident held to be the operator’s fault. All-Terrain Vehicle insurance is not required in all U.S. states. But, it is required to operate an All-Terrain Vehicle on state-owned land in many states.

Who is All-Terrain Vehicle Insurance For?

Because it’s not a street-legal vehicle, insurance is not required to operate an All-Terrain Vehicle on private land. However, it’s good to have insurance to protect yourself, your financial well-being, and your investment in your vehicle. If you’re someone who regularly uses your ATV, you may want to consider additional insurance coverages beyond liability.

How Does All-Terrain Vehicle Insurance Coverage Work?

All-Terrain Vehicle insurance works just like other vehicle insurance policies. Having liability coverage means that you can depend on your insurance company to bear most of the financial responsibility for covering those affected by any accident involving your All-Terrain Vehicle. But, having only liability does not cover any losses you may have because of an accident. Carrying comprehensive and collision coverage allows you to repair or even replace your All-Terrain Vehicle after an accident.

What Types of All-Terrain Vehicle Insurance Coverage Are There?

In addition to liability coverage, there are several other types of All-Terrain Vehicle insurance coverage, including guest passenger liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, comprehensive and collision coverage, and medical payments. Comprehensive and collision covers the loss of your All-Terrain Vehicle if it’s damaged or stolen once it leaves your home, as well as damage caused by hitting another All-Terrain Vehicle, other vehicles, object, or person.

What Are the Major Benefits of Having All-Terrain Vehicle Insurance?

The major benefit of having All-Terrain Vehicle insurance is that if anyone other than you suffers losses from your All-Terrain Vehicle being in an accident, you will be covered up to whatever your policy allows. Having further coverage protects you and your investment, especially if you or someone operating your All-Terrain Vehicle is injured. If you use your All-Terrain Vehicle on a regular basis, having multiple forms of coverage is a good idea.